Sunday, June 17, 2007


Did you know that the K750 and W800 have the EXACT same motherboard, the company has fooled the customers by changing the K750 casing to Orange-White and named it W800i… which made some annoyed nut cases out there to try out some dirty tricks!!! And the results were fruitful… K750 can easily be flashed to W800!!! The only barrier that separated K750 from a W800 was the software and that has been broken!!!

W800 firmware is encrypted as CID36. K750 is available in 2 encryptions:--CID36 and CID49. Older K750s (7-8 months old) came with CID36. If your phone is new, it has to be CID49. You will find out your CID number in the coming posts itself so don’t worry about that. Just follow the instructions…

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