Sunday, June 17, 2007


Now since you know a lot on flash programming, lets exploit the potentials of it to the maximum. Let us begin with changing the menu display.

1.Remove your SIM and turn the fone off

2.[FOR BOTH CID36 AND CID 49]::Open FAR manager program. Press F11 and then select SEFP plugin. in the following screen select… Device:DCU60, Speed: 921600 Boot Script: According to fone model (k750_w800_CID49 OR k750_w800_CID36 )Now Enter The MATRIX!!!
Connect your fone as we do in flashing… your fone should get detected. after a few seconds, a screen will show you two folders, FLASH and FS. Note that the window is divided into two… the left side represents your phone contents. The right side represents your hard drive contents… currently inside FAR manager folder.

3.[FOR BOTH CID36 AND CID 49]:: Now double click on FS and wait for a couple of minutes till it breaks into your FileSytem. Now you are inside the den!!! All files that govern your fone’s functionality are right before your eyes!!! Before u copy something into your fone, u must create a backup folder for your original files (in case you need them). So on the right side (harddrive) of your screen, click anywhere and press F7 to create a new folder. Name it as ‘backup’. On the left side (fone FS) go to --tpa/preset/system/menu/ and u will ound a file there,,click and drag it to your backup folder and to delete the original file from fone’s FS, select it and click delete (bottom right of screen) or simply press F8.

4.[FOR BOTH CID36 AND CID 49]:: Copy all your .png or .gif files into the folder and the also.......this is it...u r done ...!!!!!Now, that we are finished with our operations, we need to shutdown the loader. For this keep on clicking ‘..’ (root of folder)
until it asks you to shutdown CSFS loader. Click yes and close FAR manager, and unplug fone. Reinsert battery to refresh.

5.Insert SIM & turn on your fone and see d difference.

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